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Located in the heart of downtown Oakland, The Shift Chiropractic takes an individualized approach to your body that improves motion, decreases inflammation and increases the quality and speed of healing.



Our Services


chiropractic adjustment 

Designed for a full body tune-up, the adjustment is done by hand by putting quick, specific and honoring forces into the spine. We prepare the spine by a few warm-up movements, then assess for a pattern that contributes to stress and abnormal function in your body. We modify our approach if there is a sensitive individual or someone in acute pain.  


pediatric adjustment

Children of all ages including babies and toddlers can benefit from an adjustment to support their neuro-development and to adapt to daily stressors and traumatic events. Help your child thrive physically, mentally and emotionally. Adjustment is modified to child’s stage of development and built.  


massage therapy

Our massages celebrate the body’s natural propensity to heal itself. The technique is centered on the preferences of each individual, while remaining grounded in the profound healing potential of human touch. Slow, deep pressure is employed to release myofascial trigger points, and softer techniques are used to improve lymph function, and restore balance to the nervous system.


Move Better.
Align Your Spine.
Live Well.


The Shift Chiropractic Can Help You:

  • Alignment and strength  
  • Balance, Ear and TMJ Health
  • Car accident recovery and healing
  • Pregnancy, pre- and post-natal wellness
  • Strategies to improve your health and support your chiropractic care independently
  • Balance stress lifestyle
  • Shift motion in the spine and other joints such as shoulders, ankles, wrists
  • Bring more ease to your body
  • Improve healing speed and quality (not having pain does not equal healing)
  • Recovery from sports-related injuries and minimize re-injury 
  • Headaches (decrease severity and frequency)
  • Better sleep, mental clarity and increased energy

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Office Hours

Monday: 3-7 PM
Tuesday: 7-1 PM
Wednesday: 3-7 PM
Thursday: 7-1 & 2-7 PM
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 7-1 PM
Sunday: Closed


435 8th St, Suite 203, Oakland, CA 94607


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