The Oakland-Based Chiropractors at The Shift Offer the Following


We use a more holistic approach to adjustments, looking at the spine as as an element of a much larger system -- the human body. The spine and nervous system are critical components of the complex network that is the human body. Because these systems are interdependent, they can’t be treated in isolation. Effective healing needs to address all of them, and our holistic adjustments do just that.


Chiropractic care is our primary tool to reset the nerve system and help you gain function. Outside of your appointments, we encourage you to practice specific foundation exercises as recommended by your chiropractor.  We will teach you these routine maintenance exercises and show you how to incorporate them into your daily lives to promote health and wellbeing. 


Chiropractic Adjustments 

Adjustments allow for healthy joint motion, which contributes to improved motion and joint healing and eventually less stress. Our goal is to guide your body toward healing itself. 

healthy living

Many of the issues and injuries we see are caused or worsened by our sedentary lifestyle. Much of modern life is spent sitting. Because the human body is adaptable, it adjusts to the seated position, shortening some muscle groups while lengthening others. Eventually, the body conforms to this shape.

chiropractic extremity

Soft Tissue And Extremity Adjusting

Our Chiropractors know specific myofascial release work to support adjustment to extremity injuries  like wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, foot and shoulder subluxations. This helps reduce inflammation and supports the spine so people can recover fully.     



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