Don't Let Pop Culture Threaten your Longevity

In today's world of sitting long hours and early spine deterioration, it has become more and more common for people to seek chiropractic care in hopes of understanding their pain better and getting a plan of action for long term health. As a result, most patients who visit The Shift Chiropractic have already been to chiropractors and have experiences, good and bad, that they bring with them to the office. If this sounds like you, then this post was written with you in mind.

After sitting down to do an initial consultation and learning that indeed you, the patient, has been seen already by another chiropractor and for whatever reason you are looking for someone knew, it is always informative to ask the question, "since you have been to a chiropractor, can you tell me a little bit about what you appreciated and what you learned from getting chiropractic care?"

This is when the patient shares their views on the service and what they believe it is good for. Usually people share "I like the adjustments, but after getting out of pain I went back to doing physical exercise and didn't need to come back anymore." In response to this perspective, it is clear their wasn't enough education provided to the person to at least understand that chiropractic keeps you healthy and prevents stress from getting the best of you in the long run, if done on a periodic, yet consistent basis.

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Another common thing people share to justify their absence of visits to the chiropractor is that they crack their own back and neck, practice yoga on a regular basis and use foam rollers for flexibility. Some wisdom as a response is: "These are all great tools and habits to implement in your daily life, however, they do not replace the need for ongoing fairly regular chiropractic care that aims to reduce imbalance, enhance function and improve joint alignment. At the end of the day, we all need additional assistance to stretch our capacity and push beyond our individual effort to thrive together."

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Well now that we put some common new patient viewpoints onto the table, let's go deeper into the reasons of why we care so much for people to think proactively and invest in chiropractic healthcare. It is well recognized that osteoarthritis has become increasingly prevalent globally, due to the continual decline in human posture, spine strength and joint flexibility. This is because joints that become immobile begin to lose connection to the brain within a week. Months and years later, the body has changed so much to accommodate for this weakened, stuck, compressed vertebral subluxation that chronic pain and inflammation settle in on the conscious level.

Arthritis is completely preventable with the regular support of a chiropractic adjustment, but most people wait until it is too late and then do too little to really make the Shift mentally and get in their body so they can heal intuitively. Let us support you to living a long and healthy life free of interference so you can live active and enjoy your later years physically, mentally and spiritually.