Top 6 Things to Know about Foundation Training

Since we integrate foundation training into our clinical care it is important to review its benefits and applications to daily life.

1. These exercises are designed to Lengthen Short Muscles caused from chronic sitting at desks, in cars and on poorly designed couches. 

2. This is the ideal practice to do during work breaks or between workouts as active recovery.  

3. The Moves get harder the more you practice and are time efficient taking less than a minute to feel the difference. Ideal routine: 20 min. a day, 6 days a week.

4. The Shift is to make Foundation Training Workplace Accessible and to start implementing the moves at your desk, on commutes, and at home.

5. By exploring these foundational postural movements, you can discover your own underlying imbalances and gain clarity on how to correct them quickly

6. Chronic Sitting Collapses can be Offset and Reversed with Foundation Training because it wakes up the brain and decompresses the spine.

To Engage you in Gentle Joint Stabilizing Movements that Lengthen the Body and Strengthen the Mind, Dr. Ben Glass shares some basics of Foundation Training. Dr. Eric Goodman and friends developed a series of Movements that is integral to the Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle care we provide at The Shift.