Our Chiropractors 8 Golden Rules for Personal Change

1. Always begin by adding healthy choices first (e.g. Walking, Chiropractic care, More Fruits and Veggies, or Multivitamin) by making easy and comfortable additions that are not strenuous or painful.

2. Ask yourself "what healthy choices can I most easily add?" "What things am I choosing not to give up right now?" This will help remove your fear about change.

3. Getting well is not about "giving up" what you enjoy or perceive as needing.

4. Focus on what you are willing to add; if you choose to give up something that is fine, but it is not the focus.

5. Always focus on your successes up until this point and the expected successes you will have tomorrow.

6. There is no such thing as cheating, only less success oriented and health oriented choices than others. A less healthy choice is a great feedback; there are no mistakes, only mis-takes.

7. Visualize yourself making healthier choices by using positive internal dialogue with yourself.

8. Operate from a place of Optimism and firm certainty in your ability to change.