What to do after a car accident


Car accidents are on the rise, due to distracted driving and increased traffic volume. Commuters must prepare themselves for the unfortunate possibility of a car accident. Do you have an accident plan in place?

Anyone dealing with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident must plan to answer the following questions in order to navigate the legal and healing processes.

As Chiropractors, we see many people who have been in car accidents and know how challenging it can be for people who have not prepared to handle such a traumatic experience and complex situation.

We hope this blog help you clarify the important questions to consider and people you may want to be asking these questions to.

3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself after Getting into a Car Accident

  1. Who are the best health providers to help me understand the severity of my injury?

  2. What are the best recovery approaches to heal naturally and holistically?

  3. How do I choose the right kind of providers?


The Shift Chiropractic promotes a proactive and preventative approach to health, healing and adapting to life’s unexpected events. We believe having an accident plan is the ideal way to be prepared so you know what to do after a car accident.

Accident plans have 3 resources to create a system that eases stress, induces healing and adds layers of protection to minimize risk. Without a plan in place, you could find yourself with no car, unable to work, exercise or even walk.

Car Accident Protection: 3 Steps to Create Your Personal Accident Plan (PAP)

  1. Know the details of your car insurance policy. Does it contain health care benefits? People often turn to medical insurance when facing an injury after a car accident. This is dangerous because chronic pain is often the result of soft-tissue injuries after car accidents. If your auto insurance policy has Medpay or PIP health coverage, you can see a holistic chiropractor, which ordinarily isn’t covered by medical insurance. Holistic chiropractors will help you heal from soft-tissue injuries.

  2. Know who will best assist you through the post-traumatic injury recovery process. Ask yourself, what kind of provider will help me heal and move beyond pain? If you do not have one that you trust, choose one from your Personal Wellness Plan. Click here to learn more about how to create a Personal Wellness Plan. Your Personal Wellness Plan should include:

    • A chiropractor

    • A massage therapist

    • A physical therapist

    • An acupuncturist

  3. Know who will handle your legal representation. This will be crucial in the event of an injury. It is important to know the right questions to ask when communicating and negotiating with insurance agents. Insurance companies often assign case managers who are incentivized to provide you with the health and healing support that they have determined you need. This might not be what you actually need. Interview at least three law offices. Understand their fees, processes, client communication methods and education.


More Considerations if you were recently in an Auto Accident

Tracking your losses after a car accident is complicated and stressful. Poor preparation can create financial burdens due to damaged vehicles, lost wages and health care costs. The burden is worsened if chronic pain becomes an issue.

Though we are first and foremost healthcare providers, we have seen the benefits of working with lawyers when dealing with the aftermath of an accident. We will often inform people if they have good auto insurance. If they do, working with a lawyer is often beneficial because it ensures access to the benefits to which they are entitled. Researching these benefits on your own can be stressful and time consuming, both of which can complicate your injury recovery.

Note: You will not get rich from an accident settlement unless you are disabled. Regardless, if you have an injury that interferes with daily life, than likely it is wise to consult with a lawyer. Many offer free 15-minute consultations. You can find more information about legal representation here.

By creating a PAP, you are being proactive to minimize financial burdens, access holistic health care support and make informed decisions about legal representation.


Car Accident Recovery: How Holistic Doctors Can Help

Holistic doctors who handle car accidents are well-versed in car accident related cases and healing strategies. Chiropractors specializing in car accidents understand how the body heals from whiplash, traumatic brain injury, concussion, spinal injury, anxiety and hyper arousal while driving. These common injuries worsen over time if not addressed immediately.


People often don’t seek additional care after a car accident because X-rays often reveal no broken bones. Unfortunately, X-rays cannot show if soft-tissue injuries are present. If you are in pain, medical doctors will often prescribe pills to control pain or inflammation. This does not address the root of the injury.

Chiropractors and other holistic doctors will instead work to address the cause of the pain, providing long-term, process-oriented strategies to support healing in a natural, conscious and sustainable way. We want to ensure that you are looked after properly when recovering from a traumatic experience like a car accident.


Get your Personal Questions Answered

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