Winter Wellness: Boost Your Immune System with Chiropractic Care

Webster’s Medical Dictionary defines health when all organs, muscles and systems are functioning optimally. If there is spinal distortion (segmental or global), the systems that affect your physiology cannot work well. As a result, your immune system cannot fend off pathogens (germs, viruses, bacteria). For example, if one of the top 3 joints in your neck is fixated, it is very likely to affect how quickly and effectively your immune system responds to a germ or virus you might be exposed to.  The fixation in the spine can be settle and the person may not be able to feel. Yet, the side effects of unaddressed spinal distortion can manifest in many types of symptoms from colds to neck/back pain.  This is why it is essential to get checked by chiropractor on a regular basis. 

Chiropractors are experts in spinal and nervous system health. Chiropractic adjustments help increase motion in fixated areas and improve the efficiency of all systems naturally. Chiropractic care is an alternative to suppressing symptoms with medication and suffering from unknown side effects. Go see a chiropractor to enhance the function of your immune system!