Get More from your Water


Some of the ways we personally hydrate is with a pure effect water filter. You can learn more about it or get one here:

Some of the ingredients we like to put in our morning water bottle is:

1. Bitters - Tonify the pancreas and other organs while providing good flavor for the water

2. Lemon/Lime/Cayenne - Alkalizing and flavorful

3. Salt - Himalayan Pink or Celtic Grey to Activate and enhance absorption. Read more about that at


Conquer Your Chronic Stress with this Simple Strategy


Stress dominance for extended period of time- NOT GOOD

Body doesn't know whether you are running for your life, arguing with someone, watching the computer screen in a toxic posture

Eventually the body hit's a threshold where the negative, toxic activities that are stressful start to signal pain & aching, itching & tingling, numbness and skin rashes, headaches and hair loss.

The Key is to learn simple strategies to break those stressful signals

Time is an important element in the healthy choice equation so it needs to be something that requires no setup, travel or tools.

Convenience , simplicity and experience of doing the action is also key. in the upcoming series of emails we will go through some basic health hacks for modern living that affect our balance inside and help stack the proverbial cards in our favor so we can enjoy our whole life, aging well, with less injuries episodes and challenges in our way.



Treat Yourself To a Massage!

Founder of Stillness Massage, Julia has been practicing the art of massage for more than 12 years. For more about Julia please visit  

Massage coupled with Chiropractic has many benefits such as helping adjustment lasts longer and have a more deep impact.

If you act now, The Shift will pay for part of your massage session! It will cost you the amazing rate of only $65 (reg. $75). 

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Winter Wellness: Boost Your Immune System with Chiropractic Care

Webster’s Medical Dictionary defines health when all organs, muscles and systems are functioning optimally. If there is spinal distortion (segmental or global), the systems that affect your physiology cannot work well. As a result, your immune system cannot fend off pathogens (germs, viruses, bacteria). For example, if one of the top 3 joints in your neck is fixated, it is very likely to affect how quickly and effectively your immune system responds to a germ or virus you might be exposed to.  The fixation in the spine can be settle and the person may not be able to feel. Yet, the side effects of unaddressed spinal distortion can manifest in many types of symptoms from colds to neck/back pain.  This is why it is essential to get checked by chiropractor on a regular basis. 

Chiropractors are experts in spinal and nervous system health. Chiropractic adjustments help increase motion in fixated areas and improve the efficiency of all systems naturally. Chiropractic care is an alternative to suppressing symptoms with medication and suffering from unknown side effects. Go see a chiropractor to enhance the function of your immune system!


Spinal Health Talk @ The Oakland Public Library January 20th

Dear Friends of the Shift Chiropractic!

Join us on January 20th (6 -7pm) at the Oakland Public Library (Main Branch) as we share  important information  on  ways to help you and your loved ones to stay healthy in 2016~

Bring a friend who can benefit from this information. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Shift into the New Year right …

Maintain Good Spine Health

With the daily use of computers and handheld devices, we all need to pay attention to our spines. Join Drs. Ben Glass and Irina Velichko as they introduce ways we can improve mobility and posture, alleviate back pain and discomfort, improve blood and nerve circulation to speed up healing and decrease dependency on pain medication. This program is free and open to the public.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

6 p.m.