We believe that the person you want to be—pain free, healthy, focused and energized—is already inside you. That person just needs the right tools and strategies to flourish. Our goal is to take away everything that is holding that person back.


Dr. Irina Velichko D.C.

Dr. Velichko decided to become a chiropractor after receiving life changing chiropractic care while working in the social work field. Her goal is to address the root of  the health imbalance, not the symptom that manifests from it. Dr. Velichko resonates with core chiropractic principles of health transmitting through a well-functioning nerve system. She believes that if one wants to improve the quality of  how they feel, move and think, chiropractic care is essential to their life routine.

Dr. Irina Velichko earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Lifewest Chiropractic College in Hayward, CA. She has at least 140 hours of post-doctoral training in working with pregnant and pediatric populations from International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). She holds a  B.A. in Sociology from San Francisco State University and spent 5 years working in the social work field before attending chiropractic college. Dr. Irina Velichko is fluent is Russian. 

Specialization in Pregnancy and Post-Delivery Care.


Dr. Ben Glass D.C.

Dr. Benjamin Glass is a "health hack" nerd with experience in the last 14 years helping people become more active participants in their own healing and well-being.

Every day he supports people  going through challenging times to embrace their healing process through chiropractic. He has prepared himself to provide unique strategies and clinical competence and meet the diverse needs of patients so that they can experience top quality health care at The Shift.

He now offers a combination of skills from his background as a deep tissue massage therapist and personal trainer with his current skills to deliver world class Chiropractic Care, spine strengthening exercises with Foundation Training and life coaching to address the often overlooked stresses that are most often the root of the issues people are dealing with. In his spare time he facilitates corporate wellness workshops, supports homeless and at-risk youth who are also healing with intentions to be the Shift our Oakland community needs.