Oakland Chiropractors Shifting Your Life Toward Wellness


The downtown Oakland chiropractors at The Shift Chiropractic, located in the city’s Chinatown and Old Oakland, take an individualized approach to your body that improves motion, decreases inflammation and increases the quality and speed of healing!


The Shift chiropractors can help you:

  • Shift motion in the spine and other joints such as shoulders, ankles, wrists
  • Bring more ease to your body
  • Improve healing speed and quality ( not having pain does not equal healing)
  • Recovery from sports-related injuries and minimize re-injury 
  • Headaches (decrease severity and frequency)
  • Better sleep, mental clarity and increased energy
  • Alignment and strength  
  • Balance, Ear and TMJ Health
  • Car accident recovery and healing
  • Pregnancy, pre-and post- natal wellness
  • Strategies to improve your health and support your chiropractic care independently
  • Balance stress lifestyle

Our holistic chiropractic approach works! Chiropractic has been shown to improve physical and mental health in individuals!   



Adjustments and Injury Recovery: Most people go to a chiropractor because they are experiencing a sensation from an injury. Injuries are divided into a few categories. One can have a specific injury (from a fall or lifting) that may immediately cause dysfunction then pain. Also, one may have repetitive injuries (looking down at your phone ) that have accumulated over time and have also led to abnormal function and dis-ease in the body. How long it takes you to recover depends on many variables such as the length of time you were experiencing dysfunction, your diet, the level of physical activity before the injury.  Chiropractic adjustments address the function (movement) in the spinal joints , so you heal faster and better!  Inflammation and pain decreases as the function in the joints improve. 

 Our first goal is to promote the body’s natural healing ability. We do this by reinforcing healthy joint motion through the adjustment.  Wellness and maintanance chiropractic care is recommended to minimize the risk of re-injury, maintain healthy energy levels, immune system boost and to adapt to daily stressors with more ease.

Education: As health educators, we provide you with self-care strategies to support our care outside of our office.  This may include specific strengthening and stretch exercises, guidance on supplementation, diet and stress reduction .



Why Choose The Shift

Our philosophy is every person can reach their full potential with the right support.



Move Better. Align Your Spine. Live Well.